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Untitled - Faeces Eruption / Tumour - No, Just Braindead / Another Head Taken (CD)

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  1. LP/CD FULL ALBUM ( - Grindcore / Goregrind) split w/Faeces Eruption-Goregrind) by Gore Faeces Eruption / Tumour ‎– No, Just Braindead / Another Head Taken (full split) by Anal.
  2. Untitled / Gallstone Perforation / Rápido y con dolor. • Gored Face / Faeces Eruption / El Muermo. 4. No, Just Braindead / Another Head Taken. • Faeces Eruption / Tumour. 3. Biological Monstrosity / Necro Tampon / Feaces Eruption.
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  5. faeces eruption / tumour / gore porno grind ゴア ポルノ グラインド コア grind core brutal death metal ブルータル デス メタル cd 匿名配送 このオークションは終了しています.
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  8. Just an awesome goregrind act doing a great job at walking in the steps of Last Days of Humanity! Tumour from Netherland: perfect companion piece to Faeces Eruption! Another one-man act, with slightly muddier sound, drum machine blasts in your face, downtuned, thick, heavy and distorted guitars, watery, gurgling spewing vocals, just a whole lot.

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